Our broth and soup bases are a convenient way to make broth and our seasonings, slow cooker and gravy mixes add wholesome, farm fresh, flavor to your recipes.

Born in the heartland of America, Orrington Farms has been making delicious broth bases and flavorful seasonings for decades. We make small batches using carefully selected quality ingredients and we take the time to do it right. No shortcuts, just simple, honest quality ingredients using family recipes, inspired by the farm, handed down over generations.

Preparing wholesome recipes for your family today is a top priority and when you use our soup and broth bases, gourmet slow cooker recipes or gourmet gravy mixes you can rest assured that you’ll be using products made with quality ingredients.

Making delicious homemade soup stock has never been more convenient. No more boiling chicken, beef, pork or turkey meat, bones, straining and seasoning. Simply open a container and add to water to create delicious, full bodied soups, flavorful side dishes, casseroles, vegetables and gravies. Use in all your favorite dishes.

You’ll also notice the wonderful aromas that fill your kitchen when using our products to flavor your cooking. People use Orrington Farms to create hearty soups and classic everyday meals but they are also used as a flavor enhancer and instant seasoning for vegetables, pasta, rice and casseroles. Chefs and home cooks alike use our products because of their authentic taste and aroma profile. Your recipes will taste like you’re using real chicken, beef or pork and your kitchen will smell like it too! Some people even refer to them as the secret ingredient in their favorite recipe.

We offer products that are lower sodium, vegan, and gluten free.
Vegan and vegetarians love our products and recipes because they provide them with unique and hard to duplicate flavors for their lifestyle such as Vegan chicken, Vegan beef, Vegan ham and Vegan vegetable. They contain sea salt, are gluten free and have no MSG added.
Gourmet chefs value our French Onion soup base and Steak Salt when making some of their hearty recipes. Our soup bases and food seasonings can provide instant seasoning flavor to stews, stir fry, meat rubs and sauces. Adding a richer flavor to your foods has never been more convenient.

Use in place of bouillon cubes, bouillon granules, liquid broth or stock or canned broths in your soup recipes. Our range of broth bases and seasonings provide a more flavorful and easy substitute for boxed, canned broth or bouillon cubes in any recipe. Orrington Farms soup and broth bases allow you to spoon in just the right amount to enhance the flavor and aroma of your dish.
Sometimes you’ve just got to have gravy. With our gourmet line of brown, turkey and country gravy mixes the choice is all yours! Our gravy mixes are super easy to prepare and serve with your country, holiday or comfort food recipes.

Orrington Farms’ farm fresh recipes are as close to nature as you can get. Our simple, uncomplicated recipes will provide you with the flavor foundation you need to make or enhance all of your home cooked meals.

Orrington Farms, the secret ingredient for a perfect dish.