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Frequently Asked Questions about Orrington Farms

Why doesn’t my store carry the Orrington Farms® Ham flavoring?

We would certainly like Orrington Farms® products to be accessible to our customers at their favorite supermarket. Please ask your store manager to make our product available and bring this product in. Many stores pride themselves on responding to specific requests from their customers.  If that is not a possibility, you can always order the product from our on-line store on our web-site, or simply click here.

Is there a low sodium version for each of the flavors?

Currently, Orrington Farms® has a low sodium version for chicken and beef flavored broth base and seasonings only.

Is Orrington Farms® Kosher?

No, none of the Orrington Farms® products are Kosher.

Where can I find the 16 oz size? I want the larger jar.

In 2011, Orrington Farms® repackaged the broths. We offer either 12 ounce or 6 ounce in most broth bases, and 6 ounce in the Vegan base items. We are no longer offering the 16 ounce size.

How should I store the Orrington Farms® broth base and seasoning once I open the jar?

There is no need to refrigerate the broth base and seasonings. We recommend storing in a cool, dry environment.

How much Orrington Farms® base do I use for one cup of broth?

For one cup of broth, add 2 level teaspoons of Orrington Farms® base mix to 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) of boiling water (212 degrees F).

How much Orrington Farms® broth base equals one cube of bouillon?

One level teaspoon (6 grams) of Orrington Farms® broth base and seasoning mix equals one bouillon cube.

Do you have a catalog offering the various Orrington Farms® products?

For a complete list of the Orrington Farms® products, please visit our website at We also offer an on-line store for your convenience. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-647-8170 if you have any questions.

Do you have coupons?

We do offer a coupon on our website here.

Do Orrington Farms® products go bad after the Use by date? Why do I have to throw it out if it is just expired?

Orrington Farms® products feature a “Best by” date so a consumer can use the product with confidence and know the product will offer the best flavor or quality. Once past that “Best by” date flavor continues to dwindle.

Does the Orrington Farms® Ham base have pork in it?

Yes, the ham base mix does contain pork.

Is Orrington Farms® Steak Salt the same as the Moir’s seasoned steak salt?

No, Orrington Farms® Steak Salt uses different seasonings than the Moir’s Seasoned Steak Salt.

Do I have to place a minimum order when ordering from your site?

Consumers do not have to meet any minimums on the Orrington Farms® website.

May I order Orrington Farms® by the case?

Yes, case purchases are listed for each of the Orrington Farms® products.

What are the Nutritional claims?

Gluten Free
No added MSG
Made with Natural ingredients

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